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Jul 14, 2016
Spawn, UrbanMC
Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their time on the server, specifically since the last reset. As most of you are aware, that last reset came with some major changes. The staff team is now looking for feedback in them..

We're starting to plan for future worlds of UrbanMC. Specifically, we're curious about how the changes implemented at the beginning of this world have been perceived. The relevant changes are listed in this thread: We also encourage you to bring up any minor changes ( that you feel are pertinent.

Namely, we're asking about:
  • The earth map. Was it a good change? Would you want to play the same map again? An updated version may or may not be possible, does the availability or lack thereof affect your opinion?
  • The gold-based economy. Is it easy and intuitive? Or do you struggle to figure it out? What do you think of the NPC market, or the integration with towny and jobs? Are the denominations (1, 5, 25) usable and easy, or do you find yourself wishing you had larger/smaller amounts?
  • The spawn. What do you think of the arenas being moved to creative? Do you like the increased availability of player shops? Is it beneficial to have them around the server market? How about the new player introduction? Are the holograms helpful?
No resets are currently planned for anytime soon. We're just starting to explore possibilities for future features. The first step in this process is to evaluate the last round of changes. It will take a while to go through this feedback and implement changes.

Finally, we're always open to ideas on promoting the server. Feel free to share any possibilities.
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Jul 2, 2019
The earth map was very unique when it came out, and it came at the right time as a popular earth-map server closed and the recent twitch streams have brought in quite a lot of players. I loved the idea of rebuilding real-life or mythological places on the server; however, the map is too predictable. A random vanilla world would be a breathe of fresh air in my opinion. I would be open to continuing the earth map in the future if it was updated to have 1/13/1.14/1.15 features, namely coral, ocean monuments, shipwrecks, 1.14 villages, etc. All that depends on the map creator, so I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't update for awhile.
Basing the economy on gold was pretty cool easy enough to figure out, but it got frustrating at times. Having to worry about how many slots you had in your inventory for gold while mining, breaking crops, or whatever, was annoying. Jobs was great for getting gold. Three jobs was perfect as only two people maxed out three jobs and 14 or fewer people maxed out at least two; there was always plenty to do for gold.
I wish the arenas would have been on the towny server just because of mcmmo and how much it can affect pvp in a war. I know most people would rather have duels without mcmmo, so would it be possible to have one arena with mcmmo and one without? I liked how the playershops were staggered in their release, but 32 plots might be too much. It makes having a shop a lot less valuable. Some shops just sit there unclaimed for months if the owner goes inactive. The holograms around spawn are nice. Adding the list of exploits to /info would also be nice.

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