February is Fight Month - Strike PvP Event

May 17, 2017
February is a month of passion - be it for love, or in the case of UrbanMC, bitter fights to the death. On February 22nd, we will welcome you to the first Strike PvP tournament. In Strike PvP, there are five different PvP categories that you will have to be ready to play in.

The Five Categories to be Used in the First Event

Pot PvP
  • This category is your normal PvP set. You will walk in with full god gear, god sword (with optional Knockback 2), god bow (or optional Crossbow), One fire resistance potion, three strength splash, three speed splash, and the rest as instant health. This requires potion management and normal combat.
Iron PvP
  • Iron PvP requires aiming, survival, and outthinking your opponent. You walk into the arena with ONLY Iron Armor, an Iron Sword, Iron Axe, and 3 Gold Apples.
Debuff PvP
  • Debuff PvP is the same gear as Pot PvP except you will also receive splash potions of weakness, slowness, and poison to harm your opponents. This requires potion management and avoiding debuffs.
Towny PvP
  • Towny PvP is something most would not expect. Towny PvP is essentially MCMMO PvP (but named Towny due to it being the PvP style on the Towny Server). Players will be equipped with similar items to the Pot PvP category but now, All MCMMO abilities, stats, and levels will be enabled based on what players have on the towny server. Players with 1000 acrobatics and swords may have the chance to fight against those with less than 100 but do not worry. You may not even have to play this category.
  • UHC PvP is a little different from the rest. UHC stands for Ultra Hardcore and it is a gamemode where you do not regain Health. You will not only have to fight your opponent, but you also need to now watch your health more than ever. Do not worry as you will receive four golden apples if you ever lose health. This arena will also be enabling build with 3 stacks of Cobblestone to spend in the arena. You will also use full diamond (non-enchant), a diamond sword (or optional axe), diamond pickaxe, a bow with 16 arrows, a fishing rod, three lava buckets, and three water buckets. Remember, this category has NO natural regeneration. Be careful with your health.

Now, some of these categories, you may be good at and others, you may be awful at. For example, you may be good at throwing pots around in pot PVP or debuff PvP but you may not have the strongest MCMMO in Towny or you just can’t handle fighting in Iron. However, if you “strike” smartly, you will not have to play in those categories you do not want to play in.

In this PvP tournament, a Striking system will be put in place to determine what category will be used during 1v1 fights. The striking system works as follows. First, a coin will be flipped and each player in the battle gets one side (heads or tails). Whoever wins the coin flip, strikes (OR REMOVES) one pvp category from the pool of 5. Then, the other player strikes two more pvp categories. After three categories have been striked, the player who won the coin flip picks one of the two remaining categories.
  • Here is a demonstration on how the Strike System works (FOR EASIER UNDERSTANDING, hopefully, REPLACE “STRIKE” WITH “REMOVE”)
    • Player 1 Wins Coin Flip
    • Player 1 Strikes Iron PVP
    • Player 2 Strikes MCMMO and Debuff PVP
    • Player 1 Picks to play on PotPVP instead of UHC
    • Player 2 Wins the first round
Following the first strike turns, the second round will be the Winning player striking two gamemode and the losing player picking one of the two remaining as follows (and this will be repeated until one player reaches two victories) (*NOTE, THE PVP CATEGORY USED THE PREVIOUS ROUND CANNOT BE PLAYED AGAIN):
  • Player 2 strikes MCMMO and Debuff PVP
  • Player 1 picks to play on UHC instead of Iron
  • Player 1 Wins
  • Player 1 strikes Iron and MCMMO
  • Player 2 picks Debuff instead of PotPvP

The Strike System adds more thinking and strategy into the mix. Do you want to strike the categories your opponents are good at or would you prefer to strike the categories you are bad at first? Not only do you need to think about how you can do, you also need to worry about how your opponent can do. Maybe your opponent is number two in swords and acrobatics and you are way beyond the hundreds. So you should never be playing MCMMO against them and always strike that first. Maybe you are playing against someone that you know cannot fight in iron armor and only rely on potions. Try to strike strategically to force your opponent into fighting you in Iron PvP.

In this tournament, not only do you have to worry about you or your opponents PvP level, you also need to worry and think ahead about the Five PvP categories to get an upper hand wherever possible.

Once again, Welcome to Strike PvP

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