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Jul 31, 2016
This here server is a horse server.

Y'all ever want your very own horse? I betcha did. Now wouldn't it just be magical if you could teleport the lil' thing magically? Well you can, who woulda thunk.

Let's get to the down and dirty.


The main command for the horse plugin is: /rh, /horses, or /rpghorses.

Now there's also several sub-commands.
  • Claim: This will let you claim your very own special horse. However, them fellas ain't cheap, so make sure you got $1,000 on you. Then right-click on a horse you have tamed (it has to be tamed by you, not anyone else).
  • List: This sub-command will list your horses along with their IDs. The horse ID is the yellow number to the left of your horse name when you run the sub-command. These horse IDs are used in some other sub-commands so don't go forgetting them.
  • Remove [Horse Id]: Some of these fellas are too wild to handle, so it's understandable if you need to get rid of a claimed horse. This sub-command will unclaim the horse for you. Remember, once you unclaim it, you will have to reclaim it to use all the features the plugin provides.
  • SetStable: Your horses should have a nice place to live. Once you got a place to live, you'll need to run this sub-command at that location so you can store and summon the horses from that location.
  • Summon [Horse ID]: Need your trusty steed by your side? This sub-command will let you teleport your horse to your location. All magic comes with a price, so you'll need 5 XP levels to summon a horse. You also won't be able to summon another horse for 90 seconds after you summon one.
  • Store [Horse ID]: Get your horse back home with this sub-command. It will magically teleport the horse back to their stable. However, once you use this, you won't be able to store another horse for 20 seconds.
  • Deed [Horse ID]: Sometimes a horse can fetch a high price! Never a good idea to sell something without no formal contract. This sub-command will produce a horse deed from a piece of paper and when another player right clicks that deed, they will own the horse. Make sure you have a piece of paper in your hand to create a deed!
  • PublicRider [Horse ID]: By default your horse will kick anyone off if someone except you tries to ride them. But maybe you don't mind if people ride your steed. This sub-command will toggle the ability to let your horse be ridden by everyone or just you.
  • Stats [Horse ID]: You're able to level up some stats of your horse. This sub-command will let you see your progress and what level stats you have on your horse!


A claimed horse will improve as you ride it. You'll be able to level up some stats for your horse! A word of advice though, leveling up at the start will be easy, but leveling follows an exponential curve, so as you gain levels it will become harder.

There are 3 stats you can level up:
  • Speed:
    • How? Just ride your steed around and they'll get faster!
    • Max Level: 500
    • Max Speed Increase: At max level, the horse will have 1.0 + it's initial base speed. This doesn't sound like a lot, but it's actually really fast.
  • Health:
    • How? Ever heard the saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well damaging your horse will improve it's health.
    • Max Level: 500
    • Max Health Increase: 10 Extra Hearts
  • Jump:
    • How? Should be pretty explanatory, just keep jumping with your horse!
    • Max Level: 250
    • Max Jump Boost: Your horse will be able to jump 3-4 blocks higher depending on their base jump height!

Passive Abilities:

Smart Dismounting: When you dismount your horse, the plugin will automatically detect how far you are from your stable and set the status of whether your horse is at their stable or not. Specifically, if you're greater than 10 blocks away from your stable location, it will be marked not at the stable, but if you're less than 8 blocks away from your stable, it will be marked as at the stable.

Whistling: Sometimes, in those very special treasure chests, you'll be able to find a horse whistle! This whistle will allow you to call the horse to your location as long as it's within 20 blocks of you. It does cost 3 exp levels to use though, and there is a 90 second delay between use.

Help! The plugin says it can't find my horse!

The plugin can sometimes lose track of where your horse is. This is because once the server unloads a chunk, the entities in that chunk poof out of existence, so it's really hard to find entities in unloaded chunks. The plugin has some smart ways of keeping track of your horse, but they are not fool-proof. One way the plugin will keep good track of your horse is if it's near it's stable location. So if you find yourself getting this error a lot, make sure you store your horse at it's stable location. If you run into this error, your best bet is to try to find where you kept your horse and load the chunk at that location so the server poofs the horse back into existence.

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