UrbanMC Olympics Schedule


Aug 2, 2016
The UrbanMC Olympics are starting in less than a week and we’re kicking off the Olympics with the Opening Ceremony. We invite all members of the community to attend, with towns and nations interested in attending to comment down below their town name/nation name. ProfessorUtonium and EmmyChewy will be going around this week collecting all the banners of participating towns and nations so if you haven’t made one yet, make sure to start coming up with a design so you can cheer on with your town/nation spirit!

And of course, here are the dates of all the events:

February 29th
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Building Competition: Creative Server

March 1st
  • Trampoline: Corsica

March 7th
  • Archery: Moscow

March 8th
  • Rock Climbing: ???

March 14th
  • Boxing: Haifa

March 15th
  • Fencing: Madagascar

March 21st
  • Gymnastics: ???

March 22st
  • Pig Race: Opportunity

March 28th
  • Polo: Dukhan

March 29th
  • Bob Sleigh: Guantanamo
  • Closing Ceremony

Times of every event will be announced closer to the dates so be sure to check out #announcements in discord to find out the times. Are you not a part of the UrbanMC discord? Join now by typing /discord in-game and clicking the link.

All events including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be held on the test server, not the towny server so make sure to head over there on the days of these events. All game rules will be posted on the Olympics thread so be sure to check them out over there: https://www.urbanmc.net:8080/threads/an-olympic-level-event.932/

Remember to comment below if your town/nation is joining the Olympics and we hope to see you all there for the Opening Ceremony on February 29th!

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