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Attached is our official rules document.

The most important part is right on the front page:
If a moderator asks you to do something, or not to do something, you are expected to comply, regardless of what these rules say. Failure to do so may result in kicks, mutes, jails or bans. These rules are provided as a guideline to help you determine what activities a moderator would and would not approve of. They are not a definitive or exhaustive list of scenarios. The online moderator is in charge at any given time, not this document. If you feel a moderator request is unreasonable, please comply for the moment and report on the forums. The rest of the team will hear your case and consider appealing the decision.
by Elian at 5:08 PM
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A much anticipated feature will soon come into effect. Portable ATMs will allow players to put the bank in their town, to give their town members ease of access to money, and of course, to flex on the other towns. They will allow you to switch access between any player who stumbles upon it, only members of your town, or only members of your nation. Anyone who has "switch" permissions on the plot can modify this option, so please keep that in mind.

With the staff team split on a price point, we take it to the community to help us decide what the price of an ATM should be. It is perceived as a late-game item which has caused many to want to drive up the price. On the other hand, its effect on the actual game is minimal. Please respond ASAP so we can get this feature out there.

Please note that the outcome of this poll does not guarantee the decided price. This information is used to guide us towards a decision. Also feel free to post a reply with a more definitive number and...
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As an organization grows, policies and procedures within the organization must adapt. What works on a smaller, more individual level does necessarily scale well. This is a fact of all organizations, be them private, corporate, or even governmental. This includes UrbanMC. We started as a small server, and our policies were written to suit our needs at the time. They have served us well. Over the last few years, we have grown a lot. There are so many of us now that some of you I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. With this, we must adapt our policies to scale with the server, so that they can be implemented in a broader range of scenarios with a broader range of people. Many of you have played for a long time. You know how this works. Every now and then we change a policy, we break all precedents, to make the current and future situations more manageable. You are all too familiar with our ever evolving rule-set.

Today is one of those days. There was an issue today where a...
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Hello hello hello. I know it has been a while since the last weekly update, so there's a bit to cover.

This one is going to be a lot of reading, so sorry to those who loathe essays (I feel ya).

Here's what I am going to cover in this post: recent additions to the server, developmental goals, server event etiquette, staff and community changes. Then I'm going to address some recent concerns and questions: Nighta's promotion, what is happening to current/previous (discord) discussions, and why the server has been/is lagging.

Let's start off with recent additions to the server. Most additions to the actual towny server are posted in the Minor Changes thread. In fact, there was a restart last night with a few minor updates which will be in that thread after this one is posted. In changes to other things, the discord structure was recently shifted around and we added an improvements category. This category...
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Better late than never. Both servers (towny and creative) have been updated to 1.15.2. We're still seeking out ways to add structures and biomes from 1.13+. As well, on other threads some more information has gone up with respect to the UrbanMC Olympics.