Urban Minecraft Servers

by UrbanMC at 11:22 PM
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Better late than never. Both servers (towny and creative) have been updated to 1.15.2. We're still seeking out ways to add structures and biomes from 1.13+. As well, on other threads some more information has gone up with respect to the UrbanMC Olympics.
by EmmyChewy at 7:02 PM
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The UrbanMC Olympics are starting in less than a week and we’re kicking off the Olympics with the Opening Ceremony. We invite all members of the community to attend, with towns and nations interested in attending to comment down below their town name/nation name. ProfessorUtonium and EmmyChewy will be going around this week collecting all the banners of participating towns and nations so if you haven’t made one yet, make sure to start coming up with a design so you can cheer on with your town/nation spirit!

And of course, here are the dates of all the events:

February 29th
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Building Competition: Creative Server

March 1st
  • Trampoline: Corsica

March 7th
  • Archery: Moscow

March 8th
  • Rock Climbing: ???

March 14th
  • Boxing: Haifa

March 15th
  • Fencing: Madagascar

March 21st
  • ...
by UrbanMC at 5:00 PM
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This week, some shop changes, which you probably already know about:
  • Netherstars can no longer be sold. This is going to be temporary while we determine a new sell price.
  • Gunpowder can now be bought and sold at the Dungeon Master.
  • Prismarine crystals' and shards' buy prices have been halved.
Also, we're tentatively planning for some downtime tomorrow during the day while we update to 1.15. This may change, but we're hoping to be operational again before the evening rush. Your patience is appreciated.
by UrbanMC at 10:04 PM
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This week, 3 events have been announced. In order of scheduled date(s):
  • Hyperion Open PvP Tournament - Sat. Feb. 15, @ 8:00PM EST
  • Strike PvP Event - Sat. Feb. 22
  • 2020 UrbanMC Olympics - Various dates in March.
Development continues on 1.15, most notably with exploring the idea of altering some of the world's biomes and possibly adding some more structures. This is still in early testing and its success is as of yet uncertain.
by EmmyChewy at 10:21 PM
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What is a global event which is broadcasted all over the world, bringing thousands of competitors every four years with countries cheering on their competitors as they race to victory? Is it the World Cup? Is it the Asia Games? Is it the Commonwealth Game? Nope, it is the Olympics!

Welcome to the 2020 UrbanMC Olympics, an event aimed at uniting the server in a series of sporting events in celebration of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The UrbanMC Olympics will be held throughout the month of March, allowing everyone to have the opportunity to participate in at least one event.

Individual towns will be allowed to enter the Olympics, representing their nations as they challenge each other to bring home the Gold, Silver and Bronze. Every nation will be allowed to enter 4 towns PER EVENT to ensure there is a chance for every nation/town to bring home a medal. Are you a part of a town who is not part of a nation? Do not fear! You will be instead representing your own...