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by UrbanMC at 8:30 PM
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UPDATE: The new donation store is now in place. Please be patient as we work through issues as they arise. Thank you.

As many of you may have noticed, the donation store is down. We are working on transitioning between providers. Until it is available again, those wishing to donate can pay through this link. Message me your desired item and I will manually grant it to you.

An excellent description of each donator rank is available here although it is outdated so feel free to double check with a staff member.

The following monetary purchases will be offered:
$500k for US$1.50
$2.5 Million for US$5.00
$5 Million for US$10
$25 Million for US$50

Unfortunately, as I am doing all of this manually it may take some time for your purchase to go through. Please be patient with me and understand that I will make sure you get what you pay...
by Silverwolfg11 at 12:38 AM
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Hello my good server people. Many of you already know me, but for those of you who do not, I am Silverwolfg11, an active moderator, developer, and overall lively player on UrbanMC.

In the past, I have held a special awards ceremony (that some old players might remember), known as the Silver Awards. However, I feel that this time instead of simply honoring already-achieved things, we can come together and achieve even more and have greater fun doing so.

Hence, I am hosting the first-ever Silver Tournament, a competition of a collection of fun mini-games. But, to keep to tradition, there will also be an award ceremony for the top-scoring individuals in the mini-games as well as some voted on awards.

Well, what minigames am I hosting? So far the current collection (and hopefully to be amended to) has
  • Horse Racing at the Spawn Racetrack
  • Boat Racing in Saskatoon
  • Pig Racing at the Spawn Racetrack
  • Fishing Contest
  • Crafting Contest
  • Maze Running
  • 3 PVP...
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Here are the June events for the server.
  • June 16 @ 7:30 Central: Player Committee Meeting
  • June 22 @ 7:00 Central: PvP Tournament
  • June 23 @ 7:30 Central: Build Competition
by UrbanMC at 9:39 PM
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We have a new plugin on the server. This plugin promotes both PlayerShops and voting by allowing you to buy advertising for your shop with vote points. It also replaces the current broadcast system.

What does it do?
By typing "/shopad buy <content ...>" you can buy an advertisement. This will be added to a cycle. One ad from the cycle will be run every 5 minutes and your ad will be in the cycle for 24 hours. This costs 5 vote points.

What can I advertise?
You can advertise your playershop or your town/nation. Clicking on the ad will attempt to teleport you to the advertiser's playerwarp, if they have a playerwarp and it is public. Staff reserve the right to remove advertisements that do not follow the server rules. Personal attacks are also prohibited. Abuse of this system will be severely punished.

When can I start?
The plugin is on the server now. Please report any bugs to the staff so they can be fixed as soon as possible. Report inappropriate...
by UrbanMC at 6:56 PM
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Most of you know that the player shops are available and located in the new spawn. They officially cost $100,000 and have a daily tax of $500. Their primary purpose is as shops. They are also limited to one plot per player.

Some of you may have noticed that they have sold out. I will not be adding more in the short term. I would like to see the existing plots develop before releasing any more. If you are not planning on making a real shop in the short term I encourage you to sell your plot. You may sell it at whatever amount you value your plot, even if it's above the original $100,000 price.

I will be actively monitoring shops and I may put your plot for sale if you are not using it. Plots that remain empty, out of stock, or that are not shops for a few days will be put for sale.

I understand that it takes time to design, build and stock a shop. I encourage players to get started as soon as possible so I know that you are in fact working on something. If you're worried, just...