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    As an organization grows, policies and procedures within the organization must adapt. What works on a smaller, more individual level does necessarily scale well. This is a fact of all organizations, be them private, corporate, or even governmental. This includes UrbanMC. We started as a small server, and our policies were written to suit our needs at the time. They have served us well. Over the last few years, we have grown a lot. There are so many of us now that some of you I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. With this, we must adapt our policies to scale with the server, so that they can be implemented in a broader range of scenarios with a broader range of people. Many of you have played for a long time. You know how this works. Every now and then we change a policy, we break all precedents, to make the current and future situations more manageable. You are all too familiar with our ever evolving rule-set.

    Today is one of those days. There was an issue today where a mysterious admin command was accessible to all players and some became a little adventurous. On a small server, punishing a few people involved to remind them not to take advantage of bugs is acceptable. On a larger server, this becomes impractical. While in the past we may have taken more severe action, in this case we are instead merely mitigating the damage and preventing future problems. Nobody is being banned for using the command in question. We are fully aware that this is unusual but we do believe that it is the next natural step in the continued growth of the server. This will apply to future bugs as well. Players will not be banned for discovering new bugs. In fact, we're exploring the idea of a bug bounty program for those who stumble across issues. Continued exploitation of known bugs is still a severe offence.

    Among all of this, a player was caught attempting to grief an area that would be protected under normal circumstances. An admin reminded him that it was against the rules and the player stopped before any significant damage was done. Due to a miscommunication between staff, the player was later mistakenly jailed, although the situation was quickly remedied.

    Other things also become impractical as you scale up. When the entire server community is just a few people, and the staff have extensive knowledge of each player's items, returning a sword after a glitch is easy to do. Unfortunately, carefully recreating and restoring each item to many players is virtually impossible. Rather than only recover items we the staff team know about, which would require favouritism, it is more equitable to simply not return any items lost in death due to server bugs. We will however have players return items if they were attained during illegitimate battles.

    Somewhat tangential to today's issues, I want to clarify a point on rule prohibiting grief and pvp while fly and god are enabled. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what constitutes griefing and what constitutes cleaning up grief. Thus we have to assume that players in the town being griefed are not griefing and players not in the town anywhere in the area will be considered as griefers for the purposes of enforcing this rule. This includes spectators, players picking up items, or anyone with any level of involvement. Additionally, An outlaw will now be teleported out of town jail when their time finishes. Reasonable time must be left between killing entrapped players enough for it not to spam chat as well as give that player time to recouperate. For a good rule of thumb, 20 seconds between each kill is good.

    As always, our priority when these issues occur is to restore the server to as close to a non-bug-affected state as quickly as possible. Following that, preventative measures are taken and a permanent solution is implemented. Our commitment to providing a secure and continuously functional server remains strong. The issues that caused the bugs seen on the server today have been fixed. Further redundant preventative measures are being implemented in the near future.

    Thanks everyone for your patience today as we work out these issues.

    Note: I'll be joining the general voice chat on the discord server in a few minutes and stick around for up to 20 minutes after this is posted. I'm happy to address any further questions. Please read this thread in its entirety before joining me.
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    Thank you for the clarifications and opening up to the community about todays events. It shows strong leadership and outreach to all players.
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    This is a big one. I have seen a lot of staff teams on different servers. I've been a part of different staff teams in all sorts of servers. But the one thing that makes them all different from each other is leadership. Admins sometimes struggle to open up to the community and communicate with us or even being transparent. This post really made you different from all other servers I have been on. You were transparent and laid out your plans for the future and the goal/envision you have for all of us and I applaud you. I would also like to give an applause to @EmmyChewy for handling the server situation extremely well. Not many staff members handle the situation well when the entire server has a knife pointed at them but Emmy did really well and I am proud of how far she has come as a staff member.
    I don't usually give praise to the team but for once, I do. Not many people agree with me, everybody else has been pushing against the staff team, but I for one think that the team has had a big change as of late and I am proud of how far the team came. Thank you @UrbanMC for being transparent to us and explaining everything in detail.

    To everybody else making fun of them or trying to loophole rules, cmon man. They're volunteering hours and their time and there are only 3-4 of them. I get it things don't go your way but like just calm down and stop harassing them or joking about the rule system. Just move on it is just a block game. Let them do your work and they'll do their best to let you do your work.
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    Thank you for this hastily written essay. Now let me obliterate every point you just tried to feebly create.

    First off let's begin with examining the TL;DR
    TL;DR: As the server grows, we will continue to change the server to fulfill our needs. We can't do the same things we did before.

    Okay a bit weird but okay. NO. Stop it! This is basically saying "We will evaluate each situation on a player to player basis." "So?" you say. That's not how servers run. Through this policy, the friends of staff are able to be treated differently, and enemies are mistreated. It is also for this reason many would-be mods have been wrongfully banned rather than accepted.

    Grrr. Okay let's move onto this part about players no longer being banned due to the growth of the server. This is literally the opposite of what happened. With more players, more bans should be happening. It was blatantly obvious there was malicious intent.

    Side Note: Uton and Guerns were killing me in 5-second intervals despite talking to Emmy while you wrote this lame excuse note.

    And finally the nail in the coffin. They had malicious intent. They robbed Corsica. I took pictures of the banners they stole. Message me for it.

    And now my plea for help. I like this server. I met so many people here. If you choose to continue to piss off the playerbase, this server is dead. That's the harsh truth. You cannot hide from this anymore. You cannot treat players differently under the mask of growth. The playerbase is roughly the same as it was when pig and tk got banned. But you still have a chance. You can still do this right! Treat them how they would be treated if they were Pig or Teamkiller.

    Thank you,
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    As the server grows larger, it's more imperative to deal with the issues with the same severity than before. As a small server, it's easier to keep an eye on your player base and make sure those that have committed exploitation before don't do it again. With a larger server, when a person breaks rules, kills new players, and then takes advantage of towny exploits, you are less expected to be able to monitor them moving forward than you would if the server was small. I'm not sure where you got the idea that a bigger server needs to be more lenient on bug abuse.

    In the event "described" above, many items, including valuable olympic medals, sets of armor, elytra, etc, were stolen from the town of Corsica in illegitimate battles and as of now have had no compensation.
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    On a larger server these issues and how the staff team is responding to these issues is impractical, unfortunately punishing on a player to player basis is NOT the solution to maintaining a growing server. I've said it time and time again but a consistent punishment policy needs to be set in stone. How can I do something and get punished for it and have someone else do the exact same thing and be let go??? (I'm not referring to any specific event, I have never been punished for anything)

    EDIT: Stop changing rules on the spot and if you do, make a rule change log like the one I suggested in this thread
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    corsica never won any gold medals btw
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    okay second place
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    #1 at being #2
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