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Jul 14, 2016
Spawn, UrbanMC
Hey Everyone. It's no secret that it's time for a reset. But this reset is going to be different.

The new world is a 1:1000 scaled map of earth. Ever wanted to recreate the British empire? How about uniting China? Modernizing Japan? Maybe you're more the type to start the American revolution, or destabilize the middle east. Now you can. We've also set up a map to allow you to see where you want to settle.

Now we're going a little further than that. We are using an item-based currency (gold) instead of dollars. 1 gold nugget in the new world is equivalent to $20 in the old world. 5 nuggets = 1 ingot, 5 ingots = 1 block (not 9, we have overridden crafting recipes for easier conversions). All prices have been adjusted across the server to reflect that. There is a physical shop on the North side of spawn. Playershops will be located to the South. You will be able to store your gold in your inventory, enderchests, or any other chest just as you can other items. In addition, a bank has been built at spawn where you can deposit/withdraw money from a secure, digital account. Towny will charge this account, everything else will charge your inventory.

To facilitate navigation, Spawn has established outposts, one on each continent. There will be portals at spawn that will allow you to get to each one. This will make finding your ideal location easier.

We've also introduced MythicMobs so you may encounter some unfamiliar mobs throughout your journey. Beware.

In addition, we've made shopads cost only 1 vote point.

This is all in addition to updating to 1.14.

The staff team is in the final stages of testing. We hope to release the new world in the next few days. As always, issues will inevitably arise and your patience is most appreciated.
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Jul 31, 2016
I shall be the hermit, constantly voyaging the lands, disguising myself amidst the citizens of each nation, learning of the developing cultures and deep secrets. Am I Kenyan? Am I Swedish? Am I Greenland-ish? Who knows. For even I do not know, until the near lifelong mission I will set upon comes to close. No one of this Earth could comprehend the copious tons of knowledge of the world I will possess. And once I can finally obtain leadership, authority, and jurisdiction within the land, I shall build the world's largest sugar cane farm. Stay posted.

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