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Discussion in 'Ban/Jail/Mute Appeals' started by Error7442, Jun 10, 2020.

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  1. Error7442

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    I was banned while offline, so I don't have much context to give, but I was banned for Xray from the server. I haven't used Xray, and that's why I'd like to dispute my ban.

    Apology OR Open Dispute (Pick ONE):
    I'd like to dispute the ban.
    I don't know the proof that was used against me, but I'll assume that since I was offline, it was either the Tunnels in the old base, the mining in Africa, or new tunnels under Greenland. Most of the tunnels under the Old Fairbanks weren't even dug by me, and the one underneath that led to a mob spawner I was suspicious of one of my town members using Xray on that but I didn't think I would be suspect for that. my mining in Africa is as spiritic as it is because of the mix of a haste potion and an efficiency 5 pickaxe. I also used premade tunnels that I had dug around, knowing full well that chunk generation will spawn ores in a non linear path. The tunnels under Greenland I haven't touched at all, so if that was the result of my ban, it is unjust and I'd like to ask it gets corrected.

    There is a possibility that when I first joined I did use Xray however, As I used a client to render Optifine. if this is the case, I'd like to sincerely apologise and note that I haven't used any other client other than the official Optifine client since my first week on the server, when I started to get serious about playing on the UrbanMC server, and I can guarantee that it will never happen again. though again, I cannot confirm if I did or not, as I don't really remember that far back, keep in mind. with that being said, I hope to play with you all again very, very soon :).
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    Your appeal is under review
  3. waterswimmer111

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    Your appeal has been denied. Thread locked.
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