Gold Donations and Player Shops

Per our first reset thread, we are reintroducing gold donations and player shops.

In about 6 hours, I'll be re-opening the gold donation items. They will be exactly the same as before. Donors who donated within one week of the official announcement will receive their gold again. Those who donated for ranks since the reset will also get their gold. Please only notify me if you have not received your gold by this time tomorrow.

Previously we stated that we would be auctioning the player shops off in increments of four per week. Concerns were raised that donors would simply outbid other players. Thus, we have changed our approach. There are 28 player shop plots total. On Friday night, we will auction the four closest to the center of spawn. Bidding will start at 10 000 gold and work in increments of 1 000. We will be using the in-game auction plugin with a named piece of paper. Logs will verify the winner of the auction who will then take possession of the plot. Following this event, every day two new plots will be put for sale at a flat rate for a total of 12 days. Any player shop plot may be resold at any time by the owner, at any price they deem reasonable. They will be released completely unannounced and at random times. This way players who don't happen to be online at the time of the auction are not disadvantaged. The flat rate will be determined after the auction. We will determine a fair price based on the number of people bidding at each price. We will take into account the fact that donors can donate for gold. We are still a few days out so minor procedural changes may occur but this is the general idea.

I ask for everyone's patience and understanding as we fully move into this new world.

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