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Official 2020 Reset - Poll

There has been quite a lot of discussion recently about the possibility of a reset. The staff team has known that it wasn't too far away and is now ready to make an official announcement.

As of now, donations for money and townblocks are temporarily disabled. They will be re-enabled if the vote fails or one week after the reset.

If we reset, here's the approximate timeline after the poll closes.
  • This time Friday to this time Monday: Three day towny claim war, pvp enabled everywhere. If the war finishes early we may do a second or third and follow it with the deletion of all towns and blowing up of some buildings.
  • Sometime Monday afternoon/evening: Downtime for the reset to occur (I'm hoping for less than an hour), then the new world launches.
  • One week later, donations for money will be re-opened. Townblocks will not be returning due to a conflict of interest with one of our staff members.
  • Player shops will be auctioned off in live weekly discord events, in batches of 4-6. More detail to follow.
If we reset, here are some key changes.
  • We have heard that for new players the gold currency system is less intuitive than traditional systems, and older players are split on support for gold vs a more typical system. A new world will return to a more typical, digital, and command-based economy over an item based one.
  • Knowing that some people like the earth map while others like vanilla worlds, the new server will host two maps of equal size. One will be a 1.15 version of the current earth map with no structures. The other is a 1.15-generated vanilla world with all the ores and structures of a regular survival map. All inventory items, towns, player data, ranks, etc. will be fully transferable just like travelling to the nether or end.
  • The server will launch in 1.15. The update to 1.16 is not that far out, but it is important that the admin team does its due diligence to ensure a smooth update.
  • Players have said that resources in the end and nether are difficult to come by and comparatively few players settle in the nether and end long-term. Thus, they will reset on a monthly basis. There may be a special nether reset for the 1.16 update, or we may stick to the monthly schedule we set up at launch. Claiming in the nether and end will be permanently disabled.
There are also going to be some economic changes.
  • We hear quite regularly about inflation and how easy it is for older players to do extremely well while newer players struggle in comparison. We're taking some steps to mitigate this. Firstly, items that can be farmed automatically are being reduced in price, while similar items which require manual intervention are remaining the same. For instance, we're adding carved pumpkins to the shop for the same price as pumpkins currently, and reducing the price of regular pumpkins. This means that smaller manual farmers can still make the same amount of money as before, but auto farm returns will be reduced.
  • We aim to strengthen the player market. Buy prices are going to increase across the board. Availability in the server shop will also decrease. The only items you will be able to buy are basic items players need to get started, like those to create tools, armour, and food, or items that are an extreme nuisance to collect. For instance, we have left grass blocks as setting up an underground base can be a challenge without them. The only items you will be able to sell are considered by the staff team to be "junk items", stuff that players accumulate large amounts of and may want to dispose of, and items that can be mass produced. Other items should be bought and sold through player shops.
  • A full list of shop changes will be released during the war.
  • As player shops will now see more attention, the rates are going up. The base price of a shop plot will be 10 000 and daily tax will be 10.

Much thought has gone into each of these ideas. Some of these changes have been bouncing around staff channels for months. We hope that even if you don't like all of them, in aggregate they benefit the server.

Of course, you can also vote no to a reset, and in doing so vote no to all of the above changes. We support your opinion, and will respect the outcome of this poll.

On behalf of the entire staff team, we look forward to seeing the results. We also continue to encourage you to post your feedback on the other reset thread from CATGIFS ( Let's keep this thread dedicated to technical and logistical reset question.


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Aug 9, 2017
even though diamond infinite homes makes this difficult as dia donors have fly to explore the map at a quicker pace while also being able to teleport across the map through infinite homes
Idk if it’s just me, but elytra’s are faster than fly, and I never remember fallen town names, even if I have a home. The second one is probably just me though.

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