Portable ATM Price Poll

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How much should portable ATMs cost?

  1. 1M+ Gold

  2. 500K-1M Gold

  3. 250K-500K Gold

  4. 100K-250K Gold

  5. 50K-100K

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  1. Elian

    Elian ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    A much anticipated feature will soon come into effect. Portable ATMs will allow players to put the bank in their town, to give their town members ease of access to money, and of course, to flex on the other towns. They will allow you to switch access between any player who stumbles upon it, only members of your town, or only members of your nation. Anyone who has "switch" permissions on the plot can modify this option, so please keep that in mind.

    With the staff team split on a price point, we take it to the community to help us decide what the price of an ATM should be. It is perceived as a late-game item which has caused many to want to drive up the price. On the other hand, its effect on the actual game is minimal. Please respond ASAP so we can get this feature out there.

    Please note that the outcome of this poll does not guarantee the decided price. This information is used to guide us towards a decision. Also feel free to post a reply with a more definitive number and explanation for your specific price point.

    ATMs are now available for 200,000 gold. They can be purchased through the command /buyatm
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  2. CabanNieves

    CabanNieves ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    Thats a good idea, I like it!
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  3. Paddywiggle

    Paddywiggle ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    Personally, I do think the price should be high, but not too high to where no one is buying it or using it. The ATM serves well as a money sink, and if too expensive, would only sink the money of those that have copious amounts to begin with. I suggest that the price be at max 250k, such that it is still attainable for most active (or efficient) players.
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  4. profbananaslug

    profbananaslug Forum Regular

    HI EL**N!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Heauxs

    Heauxs ‌‌ 

    Yesss this finally gives a reason to use the /plot set bank command
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    CATGIFS New Member

    Personally I think the price should be low. Bellow 50k even. Id rather type /warp bank to get a free atm than pay 50k to have one. If its too expensive it will become a useless feature
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  7. Large_McMuffin

    Large_McMuffin Active Member

    im gonna have to use a real atm to get this atm
  8. E04K

    E04K Active Member

    I'd say the price should be on the lower side, much lower than 50k. The ATM is more of a convenience thing than an actually important item, /warp bank gives you an ATM for free. maybe like, 5k would be reasonable, expensive enough that its still a luxury, but not so expensive that its only owned by the top 10 richest folks on the server.
  9. Paddywiggle

    Paddywiggle ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    At 5k, towns would literally have them everywhere. It would not be a cool, collectors item. ./warp bank would never be used again.
  10. E04K

    E04K Active Member

    Is that a bad thing? Is there any real reason not to make ATM's accessible to everyone? I'm just not seeing any downsides to what ur saying...
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  11. NovaLake

    NovaLake Forum Regular

    I don't see downsides either...

    To @Paddywiggle: Are ATMs not accessible to everyone already? If anything having them available would be better for towns, since basic items shouldn't be seen or treated as a collector's item.

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