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Dec 25, 2019
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Signshop is the plugin that runs the shops found on the server! One of the great features of this plugin is the fact that there are no commands involved. This article serves as a guide to setup your own shop, anywhere you want it.

To make your shop, you will need:
- 1 Sign of your choice
- 1 Chest (Can be single or double chest)
- 1 Redstone Dust

First, place a chest down where you want to store items you will be selling/buying. This chest can be anywhere, even in a separate world from your shop. Inside the chest, place the amount of items you will be buying/selling, for example if you are selling 32 stone, you would put only 32 stone in the chest.

Next, go to where you want your shop, and place a sign with the following format (choose [Buy] or [Sell] depending on what you need):
[Buy] OR [Sell]
(Write text here)
(Write text here)

On the first line, you either put [Buy] if players are buying your product, or [Sell] if players are selling you items. For the second and third line, you may put whatever text you want, typically what would be a good idea to put there is the item and the quantity of it you are buying/selling. The fourth line is where the price needs to go, for example "$25".

Now to link the chest and the sign together, hold a piece of redstone dust, then punch the chest you stored your items in. Make sure that the quantity is correct to how much you want to sell/buy. Then punch your sign and the [Buy] or [Sell] should turn blue, and your shop should be setup! After that you can stock the chest with as much of the product as you are willing to sell.

Let me know if this helps or if you have suggestive edits/additions of anything relating to signshop!


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Jul 24, 2020
also, maybe add a section on how to use [Trade] as well, in case anyone doesnt know how to do that

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