The UrbanMC Towny Server has a staff team to help the players and to punish rule breakers.

The staff team is currently composed by:

UrbanMC: the Owner of the namesake server and the head of staff.
Elian: Administrator (since ???)
Silverwolfg11: Administrator (since Aug 31 2018)
NightaChan: Administrator (since Mar 15 2020)
EmmyChewy: Moderator (since Aug 25 2019)
_CC_: Moderator (since Dec 13 2019)
waterswimmer111: Moderator (since Apr 25 2020)
Skatds12: Moderator (since April 30 2020)

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  1. UrbanMC

    UrbanMC ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    This is great. Could we get an article detailing towny permissions? Many people get confused about that.
  2. PrincessaLeona

    PrincessaLeona Active Member

    Emmy best Mod hurray