Towny uses towns to protect land and allow people to play together. There is some basic information relevant to all towns and then there are two ways of running a town beyond the basics: private and public.

Creating Your Town
All towns work around the idea of claiming land. To create a town, do /t new <name>. There are 3 requirements for this command to work.
  1. You must have 2500 gold in your inventory. This is the cost of creating a town.
  2. You must not already be in a town. You cannot be in more than one town at a given time. To leave your current town, do /t leave.
  3. You must not be within 2 chunks of an existing town. This is to give all towns room to expand and grow over time.
All towns are charged a daily upkeep at noon (12 P.M) mountain time (or UTC-7). This upkeep is 10 gold per plot. All town expenses are paid through the ATM, which can be found at /warp bank.

Adding Players
Towns of one person can be lonely. To add people, do /t add <name>. They will recieve an invite and will be required to accept before they can join you. Once they join, they can do /t spawn to arrive safely at your town. By default, they will be able to build everywhere within the town and interact with blocks, excluding items locked with lockette.

Claiming Land
Towny uses vanilla Minecraft chunks to determine plots. Chunks are 16x16 blocks from bedrock to sky limit. When you create your town, the chunk you are currently standing in is claimed for you automatically. To claim more land, do /t claim. This costs 5 gold per chunk, charged to the town. The amount of land you can claim maxes out at 8 times the number of residents plus a bonus for being in a nation or buying more plots from the donation store or /t buy bonus <amount>.

Private Towns

Private towns are generally smaller and only involve adding your friends. You claim land as you need it and don't confine yourself to building places within plot boundaries. Default town settings work for these towns and allow you and your friends to protect your area from pvp and grief.

Public Towns
Public towns are larger towns which invite new players and encourage getting to know these players and helping them learn the game. These towns are much more complex and while they are a lot of fun, they require a serious commitment and a ton of patience. Check out other towny articles for more details on the vast array of features available to you.

Towny Ranks
For information on the ranks in towns, go to this link:

Towny Commands
For a detailed list of the commands in the towny plugin, go to this link:

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