Warp Bank


The Bank
Tired of having multiple chests (or barrels) filled with gold at your base? You can deposit and withdraw money from your bank accounts at /warp bank!! This page showcases bank functions and how to use them.

ATM Machines
The ATM Machines are the dispensers at inside of the bank. When you right-click the dispenser, a screen with some accounts(paintings) will show. Depending on if you are in a town/nation, you will have up to 3 accounts. Right click any account to withdraw/deposit money. If you are not in control of your town/nation bank, you will not be able to withdraw money from that account. You will also be the only one to have access to your bank account.

The Bank Teller
The fancy cow in the corner is the bank teller. You are able to buy certain goods including XP, Enchanted Golden Apples, Elytras, and Totems of Undying. Keep in mind that your inventory can only hold 57600 gold in it. Since some of these items have higher prices than that, the money will be taken from your bank account rather than your inventory.

Money Conversion
1 Gold Bar= 5 Gold Nuggets
1 Gold block= 5 Gold Bars

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